WTF? HuffPo Says Eric Trump’s New Haircut Is … Racist?

Well, if even MILK is racist now, should we really be surprised?

Don’t expect Politico or Snopes to ‘fact-check’ this one, because it plays to the narrative.

But should they really HAVE to fact-check it anyway? It’s just stupid.

They’re calling Eric Trump’s haircut ‘racist’.

No, wait. They’ve gone further than that. They are calling it FASCIST.

“Eric Trump, the son of President Donald Trump who thinks people who oppose his dad are “not even people,” got a haircut over the weekend,” wrote HuffPost’s Lifestyle Editor Carly Ledbetter.

The predictable comparisons to Hitler, and ‘that can’t be unintentional’ comments made the rounds.

Was there pushback? Sure.

Oh no! The bastards!

Even DEPP? How is that POSSIBLE? It seems like only yesterday he was daydreaming about an actor assassinating Trump!

Why is Huffpo out-fake-news-ing CNN? It’s simple.

Everything has to come back to ‘Trump is evil’. Becuase if people notice that Republicans aren’t as evil as the Media tell us they are… something terrible happens.

Democrats are forced to discuss *gasp* — ideas and economics. And that’s where they tend to lose. “Bigly.”

Share if Trump derangement syndrome is making liberals look stupid… even more than usual.

Like Clash? Like Clash.

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