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47M Views: This Girl Describes Life Under Oppressive North Korean Regime

This young lady escaped the horror of the North Korean dictatorship, and her story is shocking.

23-year old Yeonmi Park is a human rights activist. But what she’s fighting for is the freedom of the North Korean people.

She gave this speech at the One Young World Summit a couple of years ago, and it’s pretty incredible.

You may have seen this video before, but it’s certainly worth watching again:

Her heartbreaking story is one that we in the West need to hear.

Communist dictatorships destroy human rights and oppress people.

Park watched her mother being raped, she watched her friend’s mother be killed for watching a Hollywood movie, and when her father died, she was terrified of being sent back to North Korea, a place that she crossed the Gobi desert as a teenager to escape from.

Park is asking for the world to help the starving North Korean people.

And her suggestion isn’t radical at all.

It doesn’t involve armed conflict.

It’s simple, really.

She said: “The people in North Korea have been forgotten for 17 years, I’m not even asking you to do something – let’s just feed them.

Why that so hard – we have technology to go to the moon. We have technology to do anything now. But why not North Korea?

And she continues to speak out despite the fact that she’s now in the sights of North Korean despot, Kim Jong-un.

Speaking to an audience in Hong Kong, Yeonmi said she was risking her life attending the event but remains passionate about shedding light on the human rights abuses in North Korea.

She said: “I am here to today even though I know I may get killed by Kim Jong-un because I am on his target list since two years ago.”

“But I believe that human rights should be something that we care about.
Source: The Sun

What do you think of her suggestion?

The South Korean President, Moon Jae-in agrees with Park. At the G-20 Summit last week, he proposed providing humanitarian aid while still respecting global sanctions. He said that offering humanitarian aid to North Korea should not be linked to political circumstances.

“South Korea is watching over the malnutrition problems of the infants in North Korea,” Moon said in his speech at the G-20 summit in Hamburg, Germany.

“We seek to cooperate with international and civic organizations to provide humanitarian aid with strict and systematic monitoring so that it does not breach the agreed global sanctions imposed against North Korea.”

He explained that some 41 percent of the communist state, and among them 28 percent of the children under five years old, suffer from malnutrition, quoting data from this year’s UNICEF report.

The UN keeps slapping sanctions on North Korea. The latest was in June after the launch of yet another missile. The U.S. is currently drafting more sanctions following the successful test of an intercontinental ballistic missile. They are hoping for a vote on this soon.

The proposed resolution has been circulated to North Korea’s closest ally and main trading partner, China, as well as the three other permanent members of the UN Security Council – Russia, Britain and France, the diplomats said, speaking on condition of anonymity because consultations have been private.

The spokesman for the U.S. Mission to the United Nations said he had “no comment” on the report.

North Korea’s successful test launch of an ICBM last week was a milestone in its long-term effort to build a missile with a nuclear warhead capable of reaching the United States. President Donald Trump searched for consensus with Asian allies Saturday on how to counter what he called the “menace” of North Korea.
Source: Globe and Mail

And these sanctions are vital.

But the North Korean people are caught in the middle of it.


Yoenmi Park seems to care more about her people than the ‘Dear Leader’ Kim Jong-un does.

Is compassion the way to break the hold of the Communist North Korean regime?

We need more people to stand up to and speak out about the atrocities occurring daily in North Korea.

This young lady is a hero.

We need more like her to fight against the wussies like Kim Jong-un and his predecessors that want abolish the human rights of their people.

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