Bodycam Video of Shia Labeouf’s Meltdown — Race-baiting Rant, Threatens Cop

Published on July 12, 2017

With each day that goes by, Shia seems to dig himself a deeper hole.

He was ‘troubled’ and somewhat bizarre to begin with.

He’s had a few run-ins with police. He’s the guy who wore a paper bag over his face at an awards show. (The bag said ‘I’m not famous anymore’.)

We’ve covered his epic film failure (literally only a single ticket sold for a movie over a weekend).

We’ve also covered his failed efforts at an initiative in the anti-Trump ‘Resistance’ movement, where the troll got trolled.

Well, he just got arrested again.

And now TMZ got their hands on body cam footage of his arrest, and his rant while getting his ride in the cop car.

He is serving as a public service reminder of why stupid, volatile people should NOT get drunk.

First, here is his race-baiting argument with the cop who arrested him. (Language warning, obviously.)

The YouTube description:

Shia LaBeouf unleashed an epic drunken rant at Savannah, GA police as they took him into custody — and bodycam footage shows him repeatedly calling one cop a “dumb f**k” and a “stupid bitch.”

Here is his ride to the station, in which he abused the officer incessantly, and threatened to shoot him if he had his gun. (Again, language warning)

Shia needs to get alone somewhere and ‘work out’ his ‘issues’.

He also desperately needs this book:

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