Cops Foil Terrorist Plot To Bring Down Plane … ‘Credible, Elaborate Conspiracy’

Published on July 31, 2017

Terrorist plot involved a bomb… four in custody.

And yes, it was Islamist in nature.

In Sidney, Australia, authorities have just foiled Australia’s thirteenth credible terror attempt since 2014.

Two father-and-son teams – linked by marriage are now in custody.

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull described the attack as ‘Advanced’ and a ‘Credible, Elaborate Conspiracy’.

The device was described as ‘ready to go’. It was to be smuggled onto a plane headed for Dubai.

The explosive device has been reported by some as intended to release poisonous gasses that would fill the plane.

Here is the Prime Minister speaking about the plot:

This professor describes a Syrian connection organizing the failed plot.

A pair of father and son would-be terror teams were arrested on Saturday afternoon over the alleged plot, and will remain in detention for up to a week as police comb through evidence.
The four men’s plan was thwarted when authorities picked up a “small piece of intelligence” about the possible plot to smuggle an improvised explosive device onto an international flight bound for the Middle East. Authorities say the plot was “Islamist inspired”.
The Daily Telegraph has reported the bomb may have been disguised as a kitchen meat grinder, that was to be carried in hand luggage onto a flight departing Sydney.
Other media reports suggested it could have been a “non-traditional” device that would have distributed poisonous gas within the plane.
A kitchen device used to make sausages was among items seized in raids in five separate homes across Sydney over the weekend. Mobile phones and documents were also taken from the properties.
Police decided to arrest the men on Saturday after a period of surveillance, deciding the risk to public safety was high.

…Justice Minister Michael Keenan said authorities had uncovered what appeared to be a “very sophisticated plot” and would have taken “extensive planning”. — News AU

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