Clash Poll: Should The Koran Be ‘Required Reading’ For Students?

Published on July 4, 2017

This could go either way. Do we risk green-lighting even MORE leftist indoctrination of our kids? Or do we make sure kids know what it REALLY says about non-Muslims and Western values?

We ‘get’ the arguments for both sides.

What do you think?

On one hand, we now live in a Country where a coach has been fired for having a ‘minute of silence’ during which he prayed, and a moron smashed his car into a monument of the Ten Commandments.

There is active and open hostility to Christianity in our school system. At the same time, Muslims are pushing for Halal food and other concessions.

The leftists who so often populate the Public School systems will use teaching the Koran as one more opportunity to undermine traditional — and especially Christian — values.

You know, much the same way that they use ‘pro-Palestine’ arguments to hammer Israel, at their BDSM, oops, sorry, ‘BDS’ movements.

On the other hand, maybe if they knew what Islam was actually selling, (including these ‘hate quotes‘) maybe they wouldn’t be so quick to support the ‘religion of peace’.

There’s the verse explaining when and how Muslim men should beat their wives.

Or women being only half as valuable as men — in their testimony or in their inheritance.

Or their belief that non-believers were ‘turned into apes‘.

That’s not even going into the verses condoning the violence driving THIS behavior throughout their history.

(Here’s a sampling.)

So, is it better NOT to invite Islam into the schools, since it will be yet another excuse to indoctrinate? Or is it better to throw a light on what Islam really teaches so the youth of tomorrow won’t be blindly praising Obama’s Beautiful Religion of peace?

Whichever answer you gave for the Koran being required reading. This one should certainly be required:

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