Clash Poll: Should Trump Cancel Congress’ 5-Week Vacation?

Published on July 11, 2017

The Dems think they’ve found a way to keep Republicans from using their hard-won majorities in both houses. Stall them. They’ve slow-walked EVERYTHING. Does Trump have an ace up his sleeve?

Little Chucky Schumer has been busy doing the #Resist thing.

His side hasn’t won anything in the last election and he knows well enough that Democrats rammed things through with absolutely ZERO Republican support (*cough* Obamacare *cough*) and their payback is likely to rhyme with ‘witch’.

So they have been preemptive. Blocking, leaking, accusing and interfering at every opportunity since even before Day One of his Presidency.

Here’s the White House weighing in on the delays:

And the president is supremely miffed that Congress is going to work for just 11 more days and then bail out of town for 38 days (nice work if you can get it!).

Aside from pushing the nothingburger Russia collusion story, Democrats have also obstructed even the most basic operations in the federal government. Democrats have shut down more than 90% of Trump’s nominations for office — for comparison, Republicans filibustered just 10% of President Obama’s picks in his first six months. —Read More

You may remember, for example, the outrage when one guy being considered for a budget position was *gasp* a Christian! (Bernie Sanders thinks Christian faith disqualifies people from government work.)

It’s horsecrap like this that makes ordinary people think the swamp really DOES need to be drained. And that obstructionists like these are the real problem.

Their plan could backfire. ‘Bigly.’

“The president has every right to call Congress back if necessary,” Marc Short, the White House director of legislative affairs, told The Washington Times.

Mr. Short said the blockade is jeopardizing national security, denying Americans a fully staffed federal government and grinding other legislation to a halt.

“Democrats even walked out of committee hearings to deny quorums, like schoolchildren taking their toys from the playground,” he said. “But it is the American people who are being hurt.”

Short blames Senate Democratic Leader Chuck Schumer, who he says has “run an unprecedented campaign of obstruction.” —Read More

Naturally, they’re blame-shifting. But really, the 90% filibuster figure speaks for itself.

If they’ve been NOT working as hard as they can, should they get a vacation?

As I write this, it is now being reported that Senate has delayed that recess, forgoing their first two weeks of August vacation.

The Democrats will finally have to pay a personal price for their endless delay tactics. Any of their vacation plans will be put on hold.

If they keep delaying, should they forfeit their ENTIRE vacation?

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