Clash Poll: Are Women Truly Tough Enough To Become Navy Seals?

What do you think? Can women meet the requirements to become Navy Seals?

You know that the feminists keep pushing against ‘glass ceilings’ and they want to make sure that there is absolutely nothing that men can do that women can’t do.

We’ve heard about the disparity that existed in the military for the fitness level for males and females.

The pushback has been to remove the double standard and have one objective standard for all candidates.

The Navy Seals are no exception. There is one standard. And it’s tough.

Can a woman do it?

Two women are going to try.


How rough is the Physical training?

Well, check out the requirements here:

It’s awesome to have a woman push her physical limits, but is this too much?

Do women really have the toughness to become Navy Seals?

Is it sexist to ask that?

Or are there legit gender differences that could prohibit women to meet the requirements physically and/or mentally?

And before anyone gets all bent out of shape, this ClashDaily Editor is a woman.

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