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Cultural Enrichment: ‘Migrants’ Throwing Bottles And 9 Sexual Assaults During German Folkfest

Another party goes wrong in Germany. Three guesses why.

For some reason, public gatherings in Europe are getting increasingly dangerous.

Especially for the young ladies who go there.

This time, it was a folk festival in Germany, in a ‘town’ (small city) of Schorndorf. Population about 40k.

‘Fun fact’: Shorndorf has been twinned with several places around the world. Most recently, Aleppo.

Which is an excellent segue into the story about the violence during their ‘Volksfest’.

Translated from the German news page:

A total of 53 offenses were reported during the Schorndorfer week, of which 28 crimes were committed in the night from Saturday to Sunday. Nine sexual injuries have been reported; in three cases the initial suspicion has not been confirmed. The police and the public prosecutor’s office Stuttgart still found four cases against unknown as well as in two cases against known suspects for sexual harassment.

And, from the same article, a group of young men were throwing ‘Massive bottles’ at the police.


According to RT, while many were enjoying carnival rides and German beer on Friday, there were at least three sexual assaults in the town. “On Friday evening, police reported three incidents of sexual harassment of women and men at the market place. In one case an Iraqi suspect has been determined,” a police statement said.

Three Afghan asylum seekers also reportedly sexually assaulted a 17-year-old girl on Saturday. Police say they held her down and “grabbed her buttocks” outside the town’s main rail station. — Rebel Media

This is one of many times Germany has been in the news for all the wrong reasons. Here are a few others:

Breaking: 16 Yr. Old German Girl Who Ran Away To Join ISIS Is Found Alive In Mosul

WUSSIFICATION: German Official, ‘Streets are CONTROLLED by Muslims’

Women Denies German ‘Migrant’ Sex – What He Did To Her Sure Wasn’t ‘Peaceful’

Germany today looks very different even just a couple of years ago. And — for the young women, especially — that’s a dangerous thing.

Until they man up and take on board some of the lessons described here, it’s likely to get worse, not better.

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