Heartless: Teens Videotape And Mock Disabled Man As He Slowly Drowns

Published on July 21, 2017

“Ain’t nobody gonna help you, you dumb b**ch!”
Those were among the last words the disabled man ever heard as he fought for his life in a pond.

New laws being drafted to protect future victims from other gutless wonders who’d rather narrate a death than prevent it.

(Graphic Content warning:)

What ‘made him get in with all his clothes on’ genius?

A man is flailing in the water, and THAT is the question that comes to mind?

Maybe he’s drowning? Was his CRYING a clue, maybe, dumbass?

The safety of the drowning man wasn’t a big concern to these ill-bred punks. It was ‘funny’. He’s ‘just disabled’, after all. Why should they care?

Is his life as important as theirs? They’re about to find out.

While there is no specific law they broke in failing to even TRY save Jamel Dunn’s life (new legislation is being drafted to address that) they aren’t getting off as easy as early reports suggested.

Their video filmed his death. He never came up again at the end. And it was days before anyone discovered his ‘badly decomposed’ body.

They’re going to charge them with failure to report a death.

Cantaloupe said his officers are aware who all five teens are, and have interviewed three of them. He said some of them expressed remorse for their actions, while others did not.

Cantaloupe said police have obtained a separate video from a nearby home security camera, which appeared to indicate that Dunn intentionally had gone into the water.

He said police are not releasing that video to the media because of the ongoing investigation. — Florida Today

These morons have a lot of growing up to do.

Someone get them this book to point at least some of them in the right direction.

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