If This Is How Donald Trump Is ‘Destroying the Country’, We’ll Take It!

Trump is destroying the country.” You hear this all the time. The man is accused of every evil thing in the book by leftists and media colluding to destroy him, but the main accusation: “He is destroying the country.”

Since Mr. Trump took the oath, regulations have been rolled back without hurting the environment or public safety, government spending has been cut substantially, and the economy is coming back rather dramatically thanks to all this, and, renewed optimism, increased opportunity, job creation, and increases in manufacturing and trade.

Is all this constructive or destructive?

Our enemies fear us, we are on the offensive against ISIS and others, morale in the military is way up, the military is being funded properly and is being revitalized on every front, and the V.A. is finally being reformed and improved.

Constructive or destructive?

Security is vastly improved: borders being secured, enhanced screening of persons who might pose a threat from countries known to harbor and supply terrorists, enforcement of immigration laws, increased deportation, reduced illegal immigration, renewed support for border patrol agents, a new and healthy endorsement of law enforcement nationwide, defunding sanctuary cities legislation in process, Kate’s Law advancing, naming the enemy and taking him seriously.

Destructive or constructive?

Challenging a biased and activist press corps.

Building our energy self-sufficiency.

Confronting the entrenched politicians and renewing the notion of self-government, consent of the governed. Along this line: work proceeds to balance the budget, deal the crippling debt, reduce the size of government, push power back to state and local governments.

Education reform. Reforming the judiciary. Tax reform.

Enhancing trade, renegotiating agreements.

Solving the problem of North Korea.

Demanding NATO members pay their fair share.

Solving the problem of Iran and nuclear proliferation.

Telling the U. N. where to get off.

Refusing to submit to the multiculturalism myth that puts Europe is such jeopardy today.

Making no apology for America and insisting we return to Liberty, Opportunity, Prosperity and Strength.

Defending the civil liberties of all Americans, not pitting one group against another creating continuous warfare.

Challenging young people to achieve and serve and participate and straighten out.

Taking the lead in defending freedom and confronting dictators.

Defending religious liberty.

Constructive or destructive?

Destroying the country, or saving it?

photo credit: Gage Skidmore Donald Trump via photopin (license)

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Allan Erickson

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