Player Punches Soccer Ref In The Kisser – Ref Introduces Him To His Little Friend!

Published on July 1, 2017

Some refs would have flashed a red card, and there would have been some kind of a suspension.
But THIS ref went WAY further than that.

It escalated quickly. REALLY quickly.

But seriously…

What kind of a ref pulls out a gun DURING a match?

Ok. Backstory: Camilo Eustáquio de Souza is a referee in Brazil. He’s also a cop.

And one player — Marcos Lopes Vieira — hit the ref after a penalty call he didn’t like.

(These guys take their soccer really seriously.)

De Souza fetched a weapon from a dugout but a linesman blocked the Brazilian official and persuaded him not to take the matter further.

Vieira, meanwhile, is said to have clambered over the Starling Soares Stadium fence in Passos to hide in a dressing room for safety.

De Souza insisted his behavior was perfectly acceptable, even though he faces a two-year ban after being reported for abusing his power.

He said: “My actions were not an exaggeration – the exaggeration was down to the behavior of the player.

“I was in charge of the game and to bring things under control I made the decision to act in my capacity as a police officer and arrest a citizen who assaulted me.” –read more

This clip explains the event:

(Did we mention this wasn’t even the major leagues?)

This one shows him grabbing his weapon.

Notice that the announcer mentions that this is NOT the first time something like this has happened in South America.


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