Hey Lefties: If Corporate Execs Are So ‘Evil’ Why Did This One Die A Hero?

Published on July 19, 2017

Hero Dad: He gave his life to rescue his daughter’s.

He was on holiday in Italy with his family.

Their nice beach vacation suddenly turned tragic.

Simon Alessandro Pearson and a beach worker both died after rushing to the girl’s aid at the Bosco Verde beach in Ostuni, in the Puglia region of southern Italy.
The father-of-two, 47, who had been at the beach with his family, was taken by strong currents in the sea after trying to reach his daughter, 10.
It is believed Martino Maggi, 49, managed to bring the girl back to dry land but died after going back into the water to rescue her father.
Mr Pearson’s wife Emma Jane revealed how her husband ‘did everything’ he could to try and rescue their daughter.
The 43-year-old told The Times: ‘They were swimming in the shallows at the beach but the tide pulled them into deeper water.
Simon held on to my daughter’s hand to keep her afloat but he became unconscious. I have two young children who have lost their dad. We are all traumatized.
‘My husband worked hard all his life to provide for his family and he has now given his life to save our daughter.’
Mr Pearson, from Montgomery, Powys, and Mr Maggi were eventually brought to shore and resuscitation attempts were made but both were declared dead. — Read More

He’s an ‘everyday hero’. We salute him and others like him.

This is the guy that the Left would demonize as ‘evil’ because he is a corporate executive.

But how many of those hypercritical ‘social justice warriors’ would risk their miserable little lives to save someone else’s?

But they will hardly lift their voices to denounce the inhuman Jihadis who ‘martyred’ themselves and left their toddlers to starve in the rubble.

For those worthless ‘justice warriors’ we offer this book:

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