Hey Obama: Have You Seen How Many People Are Off Food Stamps Now?

Published on July 22, 2017

From that peak of 47 Million under Obama, the numbers are dropping like a stone.

You might even say the drop is ‘Yuge!’

The last time we’ve seen numbers this low was 2010.

That sounds like a good number, right?

It gets better. See this chart?

US Population by Year http://www.multpl.com/united-states-population/table

Notice anything? The total population of America has GROWN by 15.8 MILLION people.

So our Food Stamp numbers are even better than they look!

Keep that change in mind.

In simple raw numbers of people receiving Food Stamps, the figures are WAY down.

In 2013, the total recipients were 47.6 million.

Today they are 42,609,852.

That’s a drop of almost 5 Million people. (Numbers from Breitbart)

Don’t think of that as a ‘statistic’.

That’s 5 Million people who do NOT need the government to put a roof over their heads, and food on their table.

That’s 5 Million people that can hold their heads up high and provide for themselves and their loved ones.

That’s 5 Million stories of HOPE and CHANGE.

Oh wait… wasn’t that somebody else’s line?

What Obama couldn’t quite wrap his Socialist bobblehead around was the fact that the MAGA model has Hope and Change As an honest byproduct of giving people a chance to earn a paycheck.

No Ponzi scheme or government shell game can do that, no matter how much money they confiscate and redistribute.

If Obama had bigger Vision for America and didn’t assume people WANTED to be kept in captivity — fed and sheltered by their Government Zookeeper — he might have been open to the MAGA model of fixing problems.

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