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LMAO: Alyssa Milano Tries To Hit Trump But Misses And Hits Obama, Hillary & Co.

Her show was called ‘Who’s the Boss’ and she STILL can’t accept who Americans picked to be President… so she’s become a professional heckler. But it backfired.

They’ve been desperate to push the Russia narrative since day one.

(It might almost seem like the fix was in, and the media had specific marching orders that just happened to match the narrative pushed by Hillary and Obama.)

She took a swipe at Trump. (Again.)

But she should have run this one by her liberal friends first.

Instead of her attack boomeranging on her like her earlier ones did (have you paid those taxes and employees, yet Alyssa?) this one hit her political allies.

It’s called ‘Friendly Fire’. And we love it.

It didn’t take Twitter long to pounce.

She likes to call out ‘fake news’. This one must have stung.

How much did Russia pay Bill for those speeches? Oh, here it is! What was Hillary’s job description at the time? And who gave us that ridiculous ‘reset button’? This one is fantastic:

Some of them got personal:

Oh. Here’s one that used a little wordplay and DID boomerang.

We’re glad SOMEBODY said it:

With Social Media, the reaction can be swift and savage.

Alyssa Milano has discovered that first-hand.

On the upside, for those of us who hadn’t heard her name in forever, she’s managed to get her name out there. If there is no ‘bad publicity’ (something Kathy Griffin may contest) then at least her ongoing campaign is doing that.

It’s funny, watching Leftist ride the coattails of someone they claim to loathe.

Who would even remember their names if they couldn’t ‘prove’ their ‘virtue’ to their rich, elitist buddies by joining in the bitter digs at Trump?

But let’s be honest. They would absolutely LOVE him — including all of his quirky behaviors if he served their cause, and not ‘the enemy’s’.

They are all just pissy because he has put his tremendous energy and talent behind the Republican brand.

Somebody, PLEASE circulate this book in Hollywood before their fake outrage sends their blood pressure to unsafe levels.

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