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News Clash

Paris: Mob Of ‘Refugees’ Burns 900 Cars In Single Night … 368 Arrests

(The number of cars burned is ‘up slightly’ from last year.)

This must be the urban violence London’s Mayor told us to get used to.

Some of us are still unwilling to accept this as ‘normal’.

The number of cars burned is up slightly from last year when 855 vehicles caught fire while the number of people held in custody, 368, is down sharply from 577 last year.

“The very important mobilization of the police forces, to which Gérard Collomb wishes to pay a tribute, has significantly reduced the number of incidents and particularly brawls on the public roads committed on the margins of the festivities of July 14,” Underlined Pierre-Henry Brandet, spokesman of the Ministry of the Interior.
“In the course of several episodes of urban violence, our security forces have been the target of intolerable attacks, the perpetrators of which will have to be answered in court, just like the perpetrators of vehicle fires, of course always too many” , Continued Pierre-Henry Brandet.

During the night of 14 to 15 July, in Sevran (Seine-Saint-Denis), a police officer was “beaten” during an intervention before using his weapon eight times to free himself and injure An 18-year-old man, according to concordant sources.

According to the Ministry’s account, of the 897 vehicles burned, 631 were fired and 266 were hit by spread. — Translated from French by Google Translate here

Can anyone explain how NOT wanting to import people’s generational hatreds and rivalries here is somehow ‘Islamophobic’? How not wanting open expressions of violence by a mass of ‘immigrants’ primarily consisting of men of fighting age is xenophobic?

No. We fought really hard to establish a stable nation, with good laws, that values men and women, of every ethnic background equally under the law.

Why would we want to bring in a crowd of people who want to replace that with something they like better, one that hasn’t created a particularly ‘good’ or ‘stable’ nation anywhere it has been tried?

Even Obama’s beloved Indonesia literally sentenced an elected official to 2 years in prison for saying it was ok for a Muslim to vote for a Christian.

It’s time to have an honest conversation about what expectations and RESPONSIBILITIES we will expect of anyone coming to America. Including LOYALTY to the Constitution, and a rejection of anything that would overturn it. Sharia included.

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