REPORT: It Looks Like ISIS Will Soon Be Renamed, ‘WASWAS’ – ‘Mosul Will Be Their Graveyard’

Published on July 9, 2017

Remember the photo of ‘The Kiss’ in Time’s Square when the war was declared to be finally over? It looks like Iraqis will be having their own big celebration like that one.

Ok, ‘the kiss’ probably won’t be duplicated, but the celebrating has already begun. Because ISIS is on the ropes. They just lost Mosul.

Iraqi security forces are set to declare victory in Mosul within ‘a matter of hours’ with local media reporting that Islamic State has been all but forced out of the city.
A huge onslaught has seen the jihadists’ last bastion in the city fall, state TV has reported, following air strikes and artillery salvoes.
The country’s state broadcaster said: ‘We are seeing now the last metres (of the battle) and then victory will be announced. It’s a matter of hours.’
But ISIS militants have vowed to ‘fight to the death’ despite claims they will imminently lose the pockets of the city they control. -Read More

In fact, it gets better. The latest headlines are showing that the Iraqi Prime Minister HAS arrived in Mosul to congratulate his troops on their victory over ISIS.

While Iraqi troops were still mopping up the last pockets of resistance and Iraqi forces could be facing suicide bombers and guerrilla attacks for weeks, the military began to savor its win in the shattered alleyways of the old city, where the Islamic State, also known as ISIS or ISIL, put up a fierce last stand.

Hanging over the declaration of victory is the reality of the hard road ahead. The security forces in Mosul still face dangers, including ISIS sleeper cells and suicide bombers. And they must clear houses rigged with explosive booby-traps so civilians can return and services can be restored. Nor is the broader fight over: Other cities and towns in Iraq remain under the militants’ control

“It’s going to continue to be hard every day,” said Col. Pat Work, the commanding officer of the Second Brigade, 82nd Airborne Division, which is carrying out the American advisory effort here.– NYTimes

Obama’s ‘Jayvee team’ no longer has a ‘caliphate’ and it is no longer the scourge of Iraq that it had been during Obama’s time in office.

This past week, as fighting raged nearby, Iraqi soldiers took selfies in front of the stump of the minaret and posed at the spot where Mr. Baghdadi made his speech. Destruction surrounded them, as did the stench of decaying bodies of Islamic State fighters, left to rot in the blazing sun.– NYTimes

Here’s their Prime Minister in Mosul.

The celebration is already underway.

This is some good news we’ve been waiting to hear for a long time.

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