CLASH POLL: Do You Trust Trump Or CNN More?

Published on July 9, 2017

How many times do they have to repeat the same ‘mistake’ before we stop pretending it was ‘honest’?

When Trump was visiting Poland, they showed a clip of President Andrzej Duda’s wife supposedly snubbing Trump.

The Left, predictably, ate it up.

They cheered and jeered at how Trump got ‘snubbed’.

It was embarrassing, really.

The ‘professional’ and ‘impartial’ journalist sounded like a thirteen-year-old fangirl seeing her favorite pop star.

Notice anything unusual about that clip?

Here’s a longer version:

What’s that? She DID shake his hand?

Do you remember how the press was outraged that our President had the gall to go overseas and lambaste the Press?

How ironic does that make THIS tweet?

The President of a formerly Warsaw-Pact nation is now standing up to the bogus criticisms of a full-on media assault against Trump by the One-Party supposedly ‘Free Press’.

Ironic? That must be why the ‘American Pravda’ campaign is hurting them so badly.

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