Trump’s Immigration Crackdown Is Making Illegals ‘Self Deport’ – Here’s The Facts

Published on July 11, 2017

Remember how they laughed at Romney saying illegals would ‘self-deport’?
Well, who’s laughing now?

ICE has changed their approach to illegals. And illegals have noticed.

It’s basic human nature. Whichever behavior is rewarded, will continue.

As for riding that Underground Economy – the risks have gone up, and the rewards aren’t what they were under the last guy’s management.

Now that Trump has insisted that ICE begins to enforce the law again, guess what? We’re seeing results.

The danger of arrest is also being felt in the number of longtime local people who offer to pick fruits and vegetables in Southern Colorado.

Michael Hirakata, whose family has grown cantaloupe, watermelon and pumpkins in the Rocky Ford area since 1927, said he has applied for 60 federal H2A worker visas this year. The documents allow workers to stay here from July to October and work on Hirakata’s farm.

“Fewer and fewer local people have been taking part in the (farm) labor pool anymore,” Hirakata said Friday. — Read More

But the possibility of a breadwinner in the family being hauled off to jail for immigration violations has made some rethink the logic of riding that Underground Economy.

A number of families have packed up and headed back to Mexico, or whichever countries they once called home.

They made the decision that was best for their families. Families weren’t ‘shattered’, like we were told they would be and no liberal tears were shed.

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