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Video: NYPD Shows Exactly What They Think Their Activist Mayor … And We Love It

They showed deBlasio the contempt he so richly deserves.

Did the mayor really think he could jet off to the G20 to protest the President (on the taxpayer dime) while the city was mourning the coldblooded murder of a veteran cop and mother of three?

His political hatred of the President obviously ‘trumps’ his dedication and service to his constituents. (And he stuck them with the bill for it, too.)

HUNDREDS turned their backs on deBlasio during his address at the funeral of Miosotis Familia.

“The mayor is the compass for the city of New York,” Lynch told the Daily News before Familia’s funeral. “And unfortunately, when a police officer got killed, his compass led him to Germany rather than here on the Concourse. He should have been here with the family … He should have been there with us.”

NYPD cops made a similar symbolic gesture in 2014, turning their back on de Blasio as tensions mounted between police and the mayor over the death of Eric Garner, an unarmed black man, at the hands of police, as well as the assassination of two NYPD officers, Rafael Ramos and Wenjian Liu, by a gunman. — Read More

They snubbed him because they felt snubbed themselves.

The protest came after de Blasio skipped town to participate in protests at the G-20 summit in Germany last week — the day after Familia was killed by cop-hating gunman Alexander Bonds.

And as he prepared for the trip, the mayor missed a swearing-in ceremony for new police recruits, an event that was especially poignant in light of Familia’s murder.

Sergeants Benevolent Association President Ed Mullins said de Blasio deserved the snub.

“Mr. Mayor, you didn’t have to travel to Germany for a protest — all you had to do is speak in front of the men and women of the NYPD,’’ Mullins said.

Protesting officers chatted with one another and swiped through their phones while their backs were turned.

Many turned back around when Police Commissioner James O’Neill stepped up to speak — but not everyone paid respectful attention even then. Read More

One Cop puts the whole issue, and the politicization, in its proper perspective.

Where are they now, he asks?

And you know what? He’s absolutely right.

The cop died a hero, protecting a crime-ridden neighborhood.

The protesters, and celebrity d-bags like Kaepernick and Shia Labeouf (who get arrested for drunk and disorderly for the umpteenth time, and threaten to shoot a cop if he had his gun) show by their silence in the face her death what losers they really are.

This podcast encourages more people to be like courageous Americans like Miosotis Familia was. And the book will help people grow up so they don’t become miserable d-bags like the other two.

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If BLM cared about truth-in-advertising, they’d re-name themselves ‘thug lives matter’.