Watch: Blonde Chick Decides She’s Going To Cliff Jump – Here’s What A 83ft Belly Flop Looks Like!

Published on July 9, 2017

Cliff diving is fun. IF you do it right.

Get it wrong, and it gets ugly in a hurry.

Just like it did for this poor girl, who was airlifted to the hospital.

Over the Fourth of July holiday, Rachel Dukich recorded the fall at Paradise Cove Cliff, just west of Colorado Springs, Colorado.
In the short clip, posted on Instagram, the woman can be seen in mid-flight headed to the water as everyone screams in anticipation. -read more

Here is text from the original post:

What not to do when cliff diving at 83 feet. She came up with a bloody nose and highly disoriented. Paramedics and flight for life were called. Prayers she comes out alright. ???????? #CliffJumping #ParadiseCove #Colorado #Superman #BellyFlop #FacePlant #DumbDecisions #prayers #jerryoftheday #Happy4th #4thofJuly UPDATE: She’s going to be okay!! ???????????????? expected to make a fully recovery. #Blessed

Well, at least she’s gonna be ok!

But seriously, Cliff-diving is awesome, but also risky. We’re not sure exactly went wrong in her case, but as a general rule, if you’re going to dive, commit.

Landing flat is NOT a safer option once you’ve lost your nerve.

Share if having fun is great, but you’ve got to use your head about it.