Watch: ‘Christian Patrol’ Hits Muslim Hangout – All Hell Breaks Loose!

Written by K. Walker on July 24, 2017

The small group of Christians gets harassed by mobs, subjected to verbal abuse, and eggs thrown at them. Then they’re told, ‘Get out of our country’. Unreal.

This occurred in Luton, East London, England. The hometown of one of our favorite anti-Sharia activists, Tommy Robinson.

A town that has been nearly ‘taken over’ by Muslims.

The issue is that these Muslims are not integrating, but are pushing Islamist ideology and embracing Sharia Law — which is antithetical to Western values of democracy, freedom, equality, and the rule of law.

So, what happens when the so-called ‘extremist, far-right’ group, Britain First decides to have a ‘Christian patrol’ with crosses down the high street in Luton?

It all gets out of hand rather quickly.

Outspoken Deputy Leader, Jayda Fransen, gets into several confrontations.

In response violent Shariah patrols being carried out across the U.K., a team of British men and women decided to form their own Christian patrol and march peacefully through a predominantly Muslim part of Luton, England, passing out religious literature.

“We’re giving out newspapers,” Jayda Fransen, the leader of the Christian patrol, could be heard saying in a video recording. “We’ve got our Christian crosses, and we are going through the town.”

She added, “We’ve already had a bit of hostility, but we’re marching through; this is a British town and we’re proud to be British.”
Source: US News Insider

Here is a reminder of what happens with the ‘Sharia Patrols’:

Yes, these low IQ folks don’t get that demanding others adhere to Sharia isn’t a choice that they can make. In a free society, they are free to speak, but they cannot overthrow our laws and replace them as they choose.

They cannot force women to cover up — because that overrides her rights.

But to them, women are less than a man, so it’s ok to impose their will. Hence Female Genital Mutilation, burkas, and sanctioned rape.

Against that backdrop, let’s watch the ‘Christian Patrol’.


The Muslims on the streets of Luton are saying that they have taken over, and it’s not a Christian country any longer.

To many Muslims, their Islamic Law — Sharia — overrides the laws of the country that they live in.

What do you think of that?

Is this where we are headed in the U.S.?

Let us know in the comments.

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