Yo Globalists, Party’s Over: Trump & Brexit Wins Game-Changing ‘Earthquakes’

Published on July 24, 2017

Scholars have reversed their belief that ‘progress’ toward globalism was ‘inevitable’.

The voter backlash over the last year has made them rethink their assumptions. Trump and Brexit results were a big part of the changing calculus.

The assumption had been that globalism was a slow march forward. Nothing could stop it, and nobody should really try.

You had seen ever-widening multi-party trade partnerships.

People in some quarters have pushed it so far as to be more committed to a ‘global community’ than to the country they call home. Any careful observation of Obama’s foreign speeches will show he was one of them.

Canada’s Prime Minister doubled down on that. He called Canada the “First Post-National State”.

That BS didn’t fly over in ‘flyover country’. They answered the call to a very DIFFERENT message.

Make America Great Again.

The Left psychoanalyzed it. They read all sorts of negative connotations into it. They dressed it up as racist, or xenophobic. They needn’t have made it that complicated. It was far simpler than that.

It didn’t have to be ‘ANTI-‘ anything.

It was actually PRO America.

Amerian jobs. American values. American freedoms.

It’s about making decisions that are seen through the lens of ‘does this help America’. Does it help the taxpayer? Does it strengthen our Nation’s security and well-being?

It wasn’t run through of a lens of a vague ‘greater good’.

Suddenly, even the ‘experts’ are seeing a major shift:

President Donald Trump’s 2016 victory and other nationalist “political earthquakes” have put globalization advocates on the defensive while even convincing some economists who once believed in globalization like a religion to change their minds, Nikil Saval writes after having attended this year’s World Economic Forum in Davos.
At Davos, according to Saval, “by all reports the mood was one of anxiety, defensiveness and self-reproach”: “The future of economic globalisation, for which the Davos men and women see themselves as caretakers, had been shaken by a series of political earthquakes.”
He writes that “in a panel titled ‘Governing Globalisation,’” the economist Dambisa Moyo, “otherwise a well-known supporter of free trade, forthrightly asked the audience to accept that ‘there have been significant losses’” from globalization. —Breitbart

Here’s what Trump tapped into even while leftist raged against the logic of it in the last election:

At Davos this year, Saval observed that the participants had to realize that “after years of hedging or discounting the malign effects of free trade, it was time to face facts: globalisation caused job losses and depressed wages, and the usual Davos proposals – such as instructing affected populations to accept the new reality – weren’t going to work. Unless something changed, the political consequences were likely to get worse.”

Saval points out that for years, “mainstream economists and politicians upheld the consensus about the merits of globalisation … with little concern that there might be political consequences.”

But now, “millions have rejected, with uncertain results, the punishing logic that globalisation could not be stopped. The backlash has swelled a wave of soul-searching among economists, one that had already begun to roll ashore with the financial crisis. How did they fail to foresee the repercussions?”–Breitbart

Their globalist assumptions that ‘progress’ (as they called it) was ‘inevitable’ has come crashing down amidst a backlash among those whose policies it hurt most.

Pulling back from deals like the Paris Accord and TPP where American interests were poorly served is are some of the many ways this will express itself.

And if ‘the global community’ doesn’t like it? They can grow op and figure out how to solve their own problems, rather than using USA like their personal piggy bank.

That’s a big change for them. They’ll probably need help figuring out that ‘grow up’ part.

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