Watch Dad Catch Son’s Home Run Off The Bat He Bought For Him

Published on July 27, 2017

Here’s what it means to a son that his dad is there for those important moments.

See how the young guy was overtaken by emotion. He figured dad had forgotten his birthday. But no, he gave him a bright green baseball bat and said he ‘wants to see him hit some home runs’ with it. (That video went viral back then.)

(Hold that thought.)

Fast forward a year. Little guy steps up to the plate again.

You can tell who it is. Just look at the bat!

And who is it right there on the sidelines, cheering him on?

You guessed it. It’s his dad. And he couldn’t be more proud of his boy.

Not only was he there to see it. He even CAUGHT the home run that his boy hit off the very bat he got for the birthday.

Dad is so thrilled, he’s screaming himself hoarse with joy.

‘I caught it!’

A son with his dad that proud of him? With a dad that involved in his life?

That boy is gonna turn out JUST fine.

Sons need their dads.

If inner cities just reversed that ONE trend, you would see an amazing difference for the better.

If we glorified FATHERHOOD the way we put dumb celebrities from music or Instagram on pedestals, we’d be living in a much different society.

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