Question: What Should Hillary’s New Book Be Titled? Here’s Our Suggestions

Published on July 27, 2017

Hillary’s much-anticipated book is being announced! Oh yay.
On the upside, our readers LOVE coming up with alternate suggestions for book titles. Take your best shot, gang!

The title they gave it ‘What Happened’ is pretty weak.

Surely someone with the (ill-gotten) resources SHE has access to could come up with something better?

Oh well, Guess not. Looks like we’ll have to help her out.

The crack team of ClashDaily Editors has a few suggestions.

In no particular order:

1001 Reasons It’s Not My Fault That I Lost The Election

Celebrity Endorsements And The Fools That Trust Them

I Love Luci-fer… (but not Guccifer 2.0)

Resistance Is Futile

Where The Hell Is Wisconsin?

My Other Car Is An Ambulance

Deal Me Out

What Happened (To all those people who were testifying against the Clintons?)

Lessons In Wickedness — I Taught the Devil Everything I Know

I Failed Electoral College

How To Lose A Rigged Election

Doubling Down … Why I Hired Wasserman-Schultz And her Foreign IT guy

Who Do You Have To Kill To Get Ahead Around Here?

Buy This Book Or You’ll Never Work In Hollywood Again

The FBI, Deleted Emails, And The Patriarchy Cost Me The Election

Chardonnay And Long Walks In The Woods Still Don’t Make Me Feel Better

It’s All Putin’s Fault

Russian Collusion: If I Did It

The Life And Times Of A Poll Dancer

Hacking Cough, Hacking the Primary

Cheaters Never Win — I’m Living Proof

It’s Mine Dammit… I Put Up With That Cheating Sleazeball For All These Years So I Effing Deserve It

The Rapists Wife… A biography

Buy This Book Or You’ll Never Work In Broadcasting Again

‘Madame’ Presidential Loss

She Persisted… And Lost Anyway

I Played The Woman Card, He Played The Trump Card

Close, But No Cigar

You’ve come up with some of your own as you went through the list. We can’t have come up with ALL the good ones. Hit us with some of the ones we missed.

And anyone who’s planning to pick up her book to seriously read (for information, not for mockery) her book should skip that plan and read this instead. It’s good for what ails you.

The Effeminization Of The American Male
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