Watch: Eighty Strangers’ Amazing Act Of Heroism Will Restore Your Faith In Humanity

Published on July 12, 2017

Four lives that would have been swept away on a Floridian beach were saved by a human chain made by quick-thinking strangers.

A trip to the beach nearly turned tragic for two kids, their mom, and their grandmother when they were caught in the riptide and were being dragged out to sea.

It began with the two boys playing in the water and getting caught in the riptide.

Mom, seeing them in trouble, swam out to save them. Grandma followed after. Before long, they all needed saving.

Others swam out to help them. But they, too, ran into trouble in the choppy water.

And then, it happened.

For one, brief, shining moment, eighty people came together with one single goal — Save Them.

And they did it! Eighty people who didn’t know each other from Adam linked arms and stretched out to save their lives.

All those petty things that usually divide us — race, religion, politics, income — for a moment, none of that mattered.

The drama is right here on the video.

[Footage Credit: Inside Edition]

Notice the CHEER when the last person makes it safely to land.

Well done, Florida. Normally we get to talk about your weird stories. But today, we raise a glass to you!

This is the kind of heroism that is the BACKBONE of America. We are a nation that was built by ordinary heroes like these, and we need to encourage celebrate it where we find it.

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