Watch: Man Hassles 3 Little Thugs Until One Shows Him Their ‘Little Friend’

And we mean LITTLE. These kids haven’t reached middle school yet. But they can roll with the gangsters.

The days of kids playing ‘Cops and Robbers’ or ‘Cowboys and Indians’ are long gone. We knew that already. But what are the kids of this generation playing?

The answer to that depends on which kids you are asking about.

In Chicagoland even the little kids don’t even bother pretending to shoot guns.

They’re locked and loaded for real. And judging by this footage, they’re not afraid to talk smack with any gangsta that rolls up on them.


You’re hearing them talk about ‘BD’ again and again. The little guys say they’re BD. So does the guy who’s filming. Wondering what it stands for? Here you go. We’ll save you a Google Search:

“Black Disciples”

Their history is described on a website discussing Chicago Gang histories.

Share if the social problems in Chicago run deep and need to be fixed.

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