Watch: State Testimony Of Black Minister Silenced When He Unloads On Dems

Published on July 23, 2017

What are the CA Democrats trying to hide?

A Minister, Radio Show host and who’s been working to help and advocate for the Black Community for decades was invited to give testimony for proposed State Legislation in California.

Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer make ridiculous claims that Republicans want people to ‘die in the streets’, but one man talks about what he’s seen in his own neighborhood (that ‘representatives’ like Maxine Waters and her State counterparts don’t actually live in) and he gets shut down by the Democrat in charge.

Rev. Jesse Lee Peterson, a conservative activist who also hosts a talk show, had his microphone cut off while testifying before California lawmakers during a recent hearing at the State Capitol. He was then threatened with removal after continuing to admonish proponents of Senate Bill 10, which would eliminate the current cash bail system for many defendants in the state.

“Senator (Robert) Hertzberg and the sponsors of this bill hate black people,” Peterson, who is African-American, asserted during his testimony last week. “They hate black women; they hate black children.”

Their dirty little secret is that the Democrat’s hug-a-thug policy actually hurts the most vulnerable people in the black community.

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