Black Christian Leaders Weigh In On Trump Being A ‘Racist’ – Many Will Not Like This

Published on August 17, 2017

Hey CNN — care to listen to what some Black Pastors have to say about the events in Charlottesville?

The press conference that was supposed to be discussing Trump’s vision for helping revitalize inner cities was overshadowed by the events in Charlottesville.

The topic was bound to come up.

But the answers they gave are NOTHING like the robust denunciations of Trump we’re hearing on the evening news.

Here is the set-up question Star Parker and the other leaders were facing.

the various African-American leaders standing with her at the podium were asked whether it is “disingenuous to pretend that President Trump is not the driver for a lot of the division we see now in this country.”

Rev Derek McCoy, executive VP of CURE was first of several to respond (emphasis added):

One thing you need to understand — you are saying that the president is the instigator and I think that is absolutely wrong. No, it is not disingenuous,” McCoy asserted. “The president made his comments and we are not standing up here to say that we are best friends with everything the president does but he is in an office that we all respect. … If we are looking about how we can move our country forward, we are trying to make sure that we do that collectively together.”

Corrogan Vaughn, a political activist who ran against Democrat Rep. Elijah Cummings of Maryland in the 2016 election, argued that those in the media who blame Trump for the racial tension in the United States are trying to turn Trump into a “villain.”

Don’t make our commander in chief a villain when in actuality it is more the villainess of the media in terms of making something where nothing is,” Vaughn stated.

That doesn’t sound anything like what the media is saying about President Trump.

The media denunciations are so loud now that even the elected REPUBLICANS are running for cover and have been happy to throw him under the bus. (But will be back looking for his support when they want re-election, right?)

The Republicans have reverted to the cowardly ‘I don’t have to outrun the bear… I only have to outrun YOU’ approach on this issue.

Let’s hear what someone with some credibility has to say about the issue.

William Allen, a professor of political philosophy at Michigan State University who formerly served as the chairman of the United States Commission on Civil Rights, also responded…

Ok, that sounds like someone who would have something on which to base an opinion, besides the raw emotion or partisan political mud-slinging. What did he say?

“I will say this about the repeated ascription of President Trump as the driver of hateful speech in our country: there are two things wrong with that view. The first thing wrong with it is we are pretending to hide behind blaming President Trump for our failures.”

[He spoke, as an aside, about America’s recent shift away from absolute support of Free Speech before returning to his point.]

Star Parker herself, did not back down from the mention of the alt-left.

“I would like for us to finally address the ‘alt-right’ and the ‘alt-left’ — the instigators that continue this discussion that racism is so inherent in our society that they are going to look for it endlessly to then spark the tensions of the ‘alt-right.’ The ‘alt-right’ was sent underground. They have been emboldened because of the ‘alt-left.’

At the heart of the problem, McCoy said, is the stifling of debate.

“We are saying, ‘You can only have one thought process and that is the only thing that can be allowed within the spectrum of our country.’ I think that is wrong,” McCoy said. “So you do have this ‘alt-left,’ ‘alt-right’ and these factions in society that are happening. But you gotta understand, debate is being shut down and debate is something that has always been on the foundational principles of America, where we can foster, flourish and grow together and learn from each other.”

Has silencing a group of people EVER led to changed hearts and minds? Or does it just lead to resentment, distrust, and conflict?

Maybe the Left’s instinct for ‘shutup-ism’ is making a bad problem worse. And the media is complicit.

Why is nobody mentioning the REST of what Trump said about Charlottesville?

…no matter the color of our skin, we all have the same laws, we all salute the same great flag, and we are all made by the same Almighty God.

We must love each other, show affection for each other, and unite together in condemnation of hatred, bigotry and violence.

We must rediscover the bonds of love and loyalty that bring us together as Americans.

Isn’t that that MLK urged? Would anyone dare call HIM ‘soft on racism’?

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