Bro Confronts Pelosi To Her Face – Was It Too Much?

Published on August 2, 2017

She might have to change her Depends after that conversation.

Nancy Pelosi has been HAMMERING at Trump, looking for an accusation — ANY accusation — she can throw at him that will stick.

And she gets more shrill with each accusation.

But suddenly…

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It boomeranged.

If you haven’t been following her story (and God knows the Media (D) haven’t been interested in reporting it) what he’s saying might not make sense without some context. Let’s do a quck recap. Becuase after all the Get-Trump accusations, it’s SO satisfying to re-tell this.

The DNC’s ‘IT Professional’ was caught fleeing the country. He’s the same guy the DNC canned several months ago. Dishonorably. But for some reason, he was still on DWS’s payroll.

It was only AFTER he was arrested while fleeing the country that she fired him.

He was a sketchy foreign national with all her passwords. And there was the small matter of having some smashed hard drives that are under investigation.

You may remember DWS threatening Capitol Police over not returning her equipment.

It’ almost as though she has something to hide.

Now you’ve got the background to truly appreciate this interaction.

How does Pelosi figure into all this?

Pelosi. Closed-door meeting. Imran. Ipad.

Did this chat have anything to do with those missing emails?

Did the smashed hard drives in Imran’s possession have anything the DNC would rather we don’t find out about? The plot thickens.

Wouldn’t THAT be a poetic ending to her endless attempt to destroy Trump?

Well, the Primaries, anyway.

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