This Charlie Daniels Meme About ‘The Media’ Is Melting The D@mn Internet!

Published on August 21, 2017

Come to think of it, isn’t CNN’s headquarters in Atlanta?

Maybe the Devil DID go down to Georgia.

Charlie Daniels has not been dumbed down by political correctness.

He says what he thinks, and to hell with how anyone feels about it.

Case in point:

If you’ve seen the cable news outlets practically hyperventilating over all these times they think they’ve got that one story that will spell ‘The End’ of Donald Trump’s Presidency.

And yet somehow… that knockout punch never seems to land.

A little like that, yes.

Can anyone out there remind me what the job of a journalist is?

Was it to carry water for one political party/ideology?

Was it to support and defend their favorite candidates? Was it to sabotage the candidates they disagree with?

Or was it to give an impartial account of the events of the day?

If any of you know, could you maybe tell Cable News?

They seem a little clueless.

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