Chick Claims Usher Gave Her Herpes – He Should’ve Given Her Jenny Craig

Written by K. Walker on August 8, 2017

Hip Hop musician Usher is facing a lawsuit from 3 people saying that he didn’t warn them that he had herpes before they had sex. There are some real problems with THIS chick’s claim.

In July, a document leaked online showed that in 2012 Usher admitted to having herpes.


People came out of the woodwork claiming that he had sex with them and didn’t tell them about their exposure to herpes, so… LAWSUIT!

Two women and a man are suing Usher for failing to tell them he had herpes before sleeping with them.

The lawsuit is set to be filed by celebrity lawyer Lisa Bloom today in California.

At a Monday morning press conference in New York City, Bloom had one of the alleged victims, 21-year-old Quantasia Sharpton, speak about the nerve-wracking moment she learned about Usher’s alleged diagnosis – three years after sleeping with the singer.

Watch the press conference:

There are a few suspicious things about this story — 1. Usher would be hitting that?

On purpose?

Is it just me, or are you finding that hard to believe, too?

Sharpton’s lawyer, Lisa Bloom, posted this today:

Sorry hon, but here’s a list with photos of who Usher has dated, and nobody on there has a ‘wide load’ tramp stamp.

Besides, looks like Angel or Quantasia — whatever — has gone vegan. And you know that Peta is totes kewl with fat-shaming.

Fat-shaming would require shame, which this chick appears to be lacking.

But if you insist that we be ‘body positive’, let’s leave it at ‘I’m positive that you’ve got some big meat wrapped ’round dem big bones and that ain’t healthy for any body‘.

2. Sharpton is suing despite testing negative for herpes. That doesn’t sound opportunistic, does it?

Just look at her tweets:

She’s following several Kardashians who were made are famous because of Kim’s sex tape and the creepy marketing campaign of Kris Jenner.

Why wouldn’t she follow in those footsteps?

It worked for them and now they’re household names with a gazillion dollars in the bank.

3. And then there’s this:

Sharpton says if she had known that Usher had herpes, she ‘would have never consented’ to sex with him.

She said she ‘would not have taken the risk’ because her ‘health is very’ important to her, especially since becoming a mother.


The 300 pound woman is a health nut?


But wait! There’s more.

She says he violated his sex partners’ rights ‘by failing to warn them prior to having sexual contact’.

‘At least one of my clients has tested positive – and alleges that it was Mr Raymond who transmitted it,’ she said.

She says her clients have been ‘anxious and upset; after learning Usher possibly has the disease, and yet he has not ‘reached out to any of them directly or indirectly’ to either confirm his diagnosis or assuage their fears by saying he doesn’t have the disease.
Source: Daily Mail

4. It looks like Usher isn’t Quantasia’s first target.

She tried to bring down hiphop producer August Alsina before jumping on the Usher bandwagon.

According to Famelous, she allegedly called her friends to brag about the lies. Apparently, August Alsina was her first victim, but the media didn’t pick it up, and after she was caught lying, she tried to say she was just joking. She allegedly lied and told people that she was pregnant by August and that she worked at Def Jam…..all lies.

Apparently Quantisia is broke and is doing all of this for attention and money. Other lies that she supposedly told are her having twins, being in a relationship with Luke James and Keith Powers, and that she supposedly “ran a train” on August.
Source: All Hip Hop

Famelous posted some incriminating photos on Instagram, and a video of her lying to a friend:

But if there is some scintilla of a chance that this is a real story, well, that’s kind of on Quantasia, isn’t it?

Perhaps having sex with some dude you don’t know because you ‘love his artistry’ is a bad idea.

Maybe the tip-off that you wouldn’t get a full sexual history was that he was ok with having sex with random people from the concert.

But there I go using logic again.’s, Editor-In-Chief, Doug Giles how-to book:

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