CLASH POLL: Are You Sick Of Liberals Trashing Melania Over Minutiae?

Published on August 31, 2017

Our FLOTUS can’t even leave the house without being slagged by the media. Why is that?

If she gets on the plane, she gets criticized for her choice of shoes — with no thought given to the possibility that she might change them on arrival. (She did.)

She was criticized for wearing heels too high or too often, that she’s just ‘ornamental’.

A ‘scientific’ description about why she might wear them that made sure to include the word ‘copulation’. (Not degrading, disempowering, or misogynist at all, right? Langage totally befitting the office of FLOTUS, right? Remember all the times Libearals spoke that way about Hillary or Michelle?)

If she decides to be a good mom, and let her son finish the school year with his classmates, she’s criticized for that.

She’s sued when a blogger claimed she had been an ‘escort’. (The blogger settled.) A formal apology and retraction was given.

When she said the Lord’s Prayer? Criticized for that.

Mika decided to psychoanalyze her and publicly trash her marriage — and somehow Mika was the ‘victim’.

Melania even had to stand up for Barron several times, not the least of which is when her son was bothered by images glorifying and celebrating the hypothetical murder of his father.

She doesn’t want to do the social circuit in DC. She took heat for that, too.

She refused to wear Sharia-compliangt headgear in Saudi Arabia.

Seriously, every time she turns around, the media have their knives out for her.

Kellyanne Conway was asked about the ‘scandal’ of her wearing heels at the tail end of the interview. It was given as a ‘woman-to-woman’ question. Check out her answer!

That was a really SOLID smackdown, don’t you think?

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