Moronic Liberal Mag Says, ‘God Drowned All the Neo-Nazis of Texas’ – And It Gets Even Worse

Written by K. Walker on August 31, 2017

For all the good stories about petty political differences being put aside there will always be some who can’t resist the urge to snipe.

There was the Professor who called flooding ‘Karma’ for voting for Trump.

Charlie Hebdo — the same one that enjoyed an outpouring of Global (including American) sympathy when one of their own was killed by terrorists is still quick to dismiss an entire state as ‘Nazi’.

Why should we surprised? They are hard-left d-bags from France with an ax to grind.

We can’t even get honest discourse from people in AMERICAN media or politicians.

‘Honest brokers’ like Chris Matthews, Nancy Pelosi, Maxine Waters and more recently Keith Olbermann.

The people of Houston are being called out as KKK?

Why, is that… because they voted Republican?

Oops, that’s awkward. The city itself tilted largely blue, and those volunteers that are Streaming In To Help Houston are from the Red districts that surround the city.

So even the assumption they are mostly Republican, and therefore mostly ‘racist’ is fatally flawed, even if Republicans were actually racist in general.

Let’s look at a photo of the first 6 named victims.

THESE are the people whose deaths Hebdo are cheering.

Names like Rodriguez, and Sing.

Lovely bunch of vultures celebrating the deaths of Americans, and assuming (hoping?) they’re white. Why? To score Leftist political points.

The cover of the latest edition of satirical French magazine Charlie Hebdo depicts Texans who drowned in the flood waters of Tropical Storm Harvey as Nazis, it was reported on Wednesday.
‘God Exists! He Drowned All the Neo-Nazis of Texas,’ the controversial weekly magazine writes for its cover story.
The cartoon on the front page shows a torrential downpour drowning a group of people carrying flags with the Nazi swastikas.
Some of the victims on the cover are under water as they do the Nazi salute with their arms outstretched at a 45-degree angle.
Source: Daily Mail

They’ve got a particularly violent hatred toward religion. Maybe seeing their take on Christianity will put their hatred of Texas in proper perspective: (our apologies for how profane it is…)

Does it help put it in perspective, knowing THESE are the people who have decided to mock Texas?

You can google their images of Jewish people, too (the are quite a few) and decide for yourself whether it’s ‘fair criticism’ of politics, or if it’s dealing in race-baiting stereotypes.

Here is the Charlie Hebdo cover suggesting that flooding victims are KKK.

For political humor to be witty or profound, there is one key element — it must ultimately say something that is true.

Otherwise, that political cartoon is in a different category altogether. It belongs in the same category as these:

And these:

Propaganda just like old Soviet or Third Reich pieces serving one purpose: driving home a political agenda.

Facts be damned.

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