Convicted Child Rapist Paid Mega Money To Expose Other Rapists – What Planet Is This?

Published on August 10, 2017

The world was crazy enough when a ‘leaked’ sex tape could propel a Kardashian into wealth and stardom. But now THIS?

We realize that sleazy people in this world are always playing the angles and looking for a quick buck.

British cops were trying to crack a pedophilia ring.

You may remember that there are many such rings in the UK, running with impunity.

The enormous scale of modern slavery and human trafficking in the UK has been revealed in a major official report, with hundreds cases affecting “every large town and city in the country”.

The National Crime Agency (NCA) said the scale of the issue is far more prevalent than previously estimated, and warned that the threat is continuing to expand.

There are currently more than 300 live police operations targeting modern slavery in the UK, with alleged victims as young as 12 being sold to families in the UK from Europe, the report reveals. —Independent

Coming back to the police ‘informant’. How is it that these reprobates are not only terrorizing people, they’re making money from the taxpayer for it, too?

Watch the BBC report where police say they’ve paid £10,000 to a convicted child rapist:

That’s low by any standards. How about we add this new wrinkle?

They can ‘suggest’ that the blood money he took be donated to anti-trafficking charities — all of it — OR they can let the people in general population know all about how he not only trafficked in children, but that he took a payoff from the cops to turn everyone else in.

Prison inmates love to hear about people who hurt kids, don’t they?

And knowing that he found a way to throw his co-conspirators under the bus as well as those kids so he could line his own pockets? He’s SURE to gain a lot of respect in general population.

Check out what Tommy Robinson has to say about this:

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