Dear Feminists: What Should Miss Universe Wear During The Swimsuit Comp – Muslim Garb Or A Bikini?

Winning these competitions provide some big advantages in life.
Should some women get to play by a different set of rules?

How far are special interest advocates willing to take this?

The competition has specific rules. One special interest group thinks they can play by a different set. Who is right? And just HOW far should accommodation go?

In the Miss Universe pageant, there are specific rules of comeptition. You are scored on each aspect of it, and the person who wins the most points overall walks away the winner.

One part of the show is the swimsuit competition.

This is not, after all, America Ninja Warrior, or Master Chef, of the Scripps National Spelling Bee. This is a BEAUTY contest.

Most of the competitors are wearing something like THIS:

Tasteful, but still a swimsuit.

A contender in the UK wore this for the swimsuit competition:

They call it a Kaftan.

She may as well be wearing a tarp.

Or this:

The point of the swimsuit competition was not a fashion show. Many of the swimsuits worn are intentionally very simple one piece.

It was a display of feminine beauty.

If you think it’s immodest to display your feminine beauty, and think that should be reserved for your husband’s eyes only? That’s perfectly fine.

But maybe – just maybe – someone with that opinion should NOT ENTER A BEAUTY PAGEANT!

It isn’t like she was COMPELLED to compete!

Because, eventually, if this continues, on what basis could we deny someone who wants to wear the full burka with the eye slit?

And THEN what?

A dude could be under there and you wouldn’t know the difference.’s, Editor-In-Chief, Doug Giles how-to book:

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