Dear Obama: 2 Cops Dead, 4 Wounded Overnight – Will You Condemn The Cop Shootings?

Published on August 19, 2017

Three cities, Two States, One Horrible night for Law enforcement.

It should have been a solemn day remembering the officers who died in the helicopter crash in Charlottesville.

Instead, it is yet another day of mourning.

A second of the police who were shot has now succumbed to his injuries.
It has been announced that Officer Matthew Baxter and Sgt. Sam Howard of Kissimmee have both died of their injuries.

*End update*

In a span of two hours, six cops in three cities were shot.

One cop is dead, another is in ‘grave condition’ from a shooting in Kissimmee, Florida.

And THIS is the group the Democrats and the media do NOT want Trump to denounce.

You know which side uses the phrase ‘woke’, right?

(Maybe they would like to answer why? Maybe Obama can tell us who ‘taught’ them to hate, and whether it has anything to do with his party’s love for dividing us into petty, angry grievance groups?)

The three cities involved were Kissimmee, FL; Jacksonville, FL; and Fairchance PA.


Incident details were not immediately available, but preliminary information is that one Trooper was shot in the abdomen below his vest and another was shot in the hand at the Fairchance Shop n’ Save.

The troopers were able to return fire and the suspect was killed, according to CBS Pittsburgh. –BlueLivesMatter

The shooter in Kissimmee is believed to be in custody.

“Kissimmee police Chief Jeff O’Dell said Saturday morning that police have arrested Everett Glenn Miller, 45, and charged him with one count of first degree murder.” — Jacksonville

The suspect in Jacksonville has been killed.

“It had unfolded so dynamically, and we felt like we had an active shooter type of incident, so we formed the contact team, which is consistent with the training of those officers,” Bruno said. “Any type of extended delay could result in further loss of life.”
…Bruno says the three other people in the house were safe.– Jacksonville

Share if it’s time to treat groups who call for violence against cops with the same contempt we give white supremacists.

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