Diamond & Silk: ‘We Should Never Let The Democrats Forget’ They Were Pro-Slavery!

Published on August 14, 2017

If you’re going to take down the monuments, here what you should do with them… and why!

Diamond and Silk are still fired up.

They got called upon to weigh in on the Charlottesville riots, with their own lively perspective on the issue.

They did not hold back.

First, they took on the issue of Trump saying ‘on all sides’. As ‘Persons of Color’ –is that still the current term, it all changes so quickly — when asked if they were upset about Trump’s talking about ‘hate on all sides’?




In fact, they pressed it further.

Not only are people on both sides responsible for bringing violence to the event, but Diamond and Silk made sure to remind people that White Supremacists as a movement in America owe their existence to the political LEFT.

They were asked about the Robert E Lee monument, and where they stood on its removal.

They minced no words:

‘If you’re gonna take these Confederate statues down, put ’em in a museum. Because we can never let the Democrats forget what they did to our country. When it comes to intimidating and manipulating people in order to dominate.’

They were on a roll.

They kept going:

We are the United States, not the Divided States…


And we are One Race… the Human race.

And then she kicked it into high gear.

They do not like the White racists, (listed some by name) or that David Duke guy…

But they don’t like BLM or Antifa, either.

Where have you been hearing any talk like THAT on the major networks?

Whoever you are, if you are using race-baiting for an excuse for violence… you are ALL wrong. White Racists, Black racists and any other kind of racists.

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