Steelers’ James Harrison Just Blasted Players Who Won’t Stand For Nat’l Anthem And It’s Epic!

Published on August 14, 2017

Whether Kaepernick learned anything from last year’s train wreck or not, SOMEONE was paying attention.

And he’s NOT putting up with it.

He knows enough not to piss off the fans that pay the bills, and drive the ratings. That there is one intelligent man. At the very least, he’s smarter than the guys who drive their own fans away, and then call them racist if they stop watching the games.

(Maybe sports fans want a BREAK from politics!)

When Marshawn Lynch didn’t stand, Harrison spoke up.

During an interview this AM, KPLX asked James Harrison how he felt about it and if he’d support Marshawn’s decision.

“Let me just say, anyone on my team sitting for the Anthem better be in a wheelchair. That’s the only excuse,” Harrison said. – Lockderdome

It’s nice to see that SOMEONE in the NFL still has a sack.

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