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Feminists Rag On Rugged Men – Until They Need Them During Hurricanes

Rape Culture. Patriarchy. Toxic Masculinity.
Men are ‘horrible’… until tragedy strikes. Then they’re ‘useful’.

Feminists love to rag on men.

The ones they haven’t domesticated, anyway.

Those sorts of men are a ‘problem’.
They’re loud…
They don’t always ‘follow the rules’ of ‘polite’ society…
They tell politically incorrect jokes…
They smell like sweat and the outdoors.

And because they’re unruly and difficult to control, such men drive feminists absolutely crazy.

They get treated as ‘the enemy’ for all sorts of different reasons.

Until people realize just how USEFUL their ruggedness and independence streaks can become.

“Oh no,” they worry, “people are stranded, what are they going to do?”

“Simple. I’m a fisherman. We’ll use my boat. Lemme get my truck.”

(Notice how nobody is offering their eco-friendly smart car in this storm.)

They’re not limited by the rules. They don’t need a boat launch and a pier.

They’ve spent enough time on the water they know what a submerged log looks like.

Getting around hazards, and even portaging when you have to? No problem.

These are not domesticated metrosexuals that run away if the wind picks up or it starts to rain.

They’ve got the right gear for the weather. And even if they didn’t, they man up and get it done anyway.

When the danger comes, the men shine as heroes.

And when it’s over, they’ll go back to being vilified on campus.

But maybe this time, the feminists won’t be quite so quick to go back to the man-hating.

The Effeminization Of The American Male
by Doug Giles

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