Girl Gets Her Weave Repossessed By Beautician – The Reason Is Hilarious!

Written by K. Walker on August 1, 2017

A beautician removes this girl’s weave in public — that’s pretty weird.

Worst. Repo. Ever.

This beautician ‘wanted her property back’ because the girl wearing the weave had skipped out on her payment. She had promised to come back with money — after the beautician gave her a discount — and just took off.

The customer remained silent during the humiliating ordeal.

(Can you blame her?)

Here is the video of one of the weirdest repossessions known to mankind:

Woman Gets Her Weave Repo By Another Woman For Not Paying The Rest Of The Money! ✂????????????????????????????#Follow????

Posted by Johnny Rambo on Tuesday, June 27, 2017

The woman says that the weave was used that’s why she gave it to her for half-price.

This leaves a burning question…

What’s she going to do with that twice-used weave?

Is she going to reuse it again?

Don’t you love how the beautician cuts the weave out of her hair and then tells the girl to pay for the scissors?

That’s freaking priceless!

Just goes to show you that if you don’t pay your bills you don’t get to keep your stuff.

And you’d better make sure to pay for your weave.

You should also make sure it wasn’t used by someone before you.

If only we could get this same lesson to stick in other areas of life.

Look at the lessons that were learned here:

– Live within your means

– You’re not entitled to other people’s work or property

– Taking someone’s work without paying for it is slavery

– Actions have consequences

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