Hey GOP: Dems Are Laughing … You Ready To ‘Go Nuclear’ Yet?

Written by Wes Walker on August 1, 2017

The Left’s chokehold on America was supposed to end with 2016’s historic victory and triple mandate. So why are we still spinning our wheels?

The Left, under Obama, was able to make things happen whether or not Republicans wanted them to happen, and kept forcing compromise on our side. But now that Republicans won both houses AND the Presidency, they can’t even get their freaking appointments.

Not long ago, Ben Carson said in an interview that he was still the only appointment that had been approved for HUD, and that people there are still doing double-duty.

There are a lot of appointments still not being filled — deliberately. It’s part of Liberal’s passive-aggressive plan to undermine Trump’s mandate.

Sanders even tried to disqualify one appointment on the basis of an illegal religious test? (He’s a Christian, how can we appoint him?) Even NPR took up that issue.

There are some key differences between our team and their team that we need to think about. We need to remember how high the stakes are for America.

The Left has ZERO commitment to the founding documents and the Constitution. We know this because of how they keep moving the goalposts or stacking the courts for an end run around things that won’t pass in the usual way.

We’ve also seen how they will ignore constraints put on the system. There’s a ‘fun’ Top 21 list for Obama’s violations of the Constitution. At the top of the list was this one:
A federal Judge said his funding for Obamacare was unconstitutional.

Obamacare, because it establishes new taxes should never have proceeded, having originated in the Senate, a body with no taxation powers, and no ability to pass laws that require taxation.

Where does that leave us?

It leaves us with a Republican government with a historic mandate that is still — incredibly — at the mercy of the Democrats.

It leaves us with Nancy Pelosi and Schumer gloating over their ability to force THEIR will over and against that of those with whom we have invested ACTUAL legislative power.

It leaves US watching THEM trying to force THEIR goal of a single-payer mandate down the throats of an electorate that SOLIDLY voted to ‘repeal and replace’.

They lost both houses AND the Presidency and yet they’re playing policial OFFENCE? No freaking way. ‘Elections have consequences,’ or so I’ve heard it said.

Is it time we ‘go nuclear’? The President thinks so.

The do-nothing Senate has been afraid to touch it. But, frankly, to Hell with how the Senate Leader feels about it. What do YOU think?

There is one reason, and ONLY one reason we’ve been doing that whole nibble-around-the-corners dance with Repeal-and-Replace.

The Democrats are stonewalling.

They will not give ANYTHING that 60th vote. They are protecting Obamacare — the same Obamacare that they didn’t give a damn about any of the rules or ‘bipartisanship’ to begin with.

The 60th vote rule has nothing to do with the Consitituiton. It was added in 1975. The Senate created that rule for themselves, and they can end it just as easily.

If it the Left would actually PLAY by the rules of the game, it might make some sense to keep it as a check on their power. But there is only one party that is even being restricted by these — or any other — rules.

Democrats straight up don’t care about rules or powers. They don’t care that the Paris Accord Obama had signed was not ratified by Senate. They said nothing when Obama launched wars without consulting Congress.

The Dems themselves were happy to use the ‘nuclear’ option to get an appointment they wanted. Their side is playing ‘for keeps’. Are we?

If we stop playing games and start playing to win, we can write FRESH legislation concerning health care. Legislation that won’t pave the way for single-payer disasters like Canada and England have.

Canada just hit a new record for length of waiting times to receive ‘medically necessary treatment’ (20 weeks), because they have free rationed health care ‘free’ from the government … after a crap-ton of hidden taxes, and one helluva lot of exempted procedures that are out-of-pocket anyway… ‘unimportant’ things like Physiotherapy.

In England – we just saw the death of Charlie Gard. He had loving parents who wanted him to get better, a support network that donated big money, and doctors willing to perform surgery that could have made him better.

But none of that mattered. The hospital controls your fate there. Patients are NOT truly FREE. And Parents do NOT hold final authority over their children there.

Bureaucrats call the shots and dragged this sad case through courts until little Charlie was beyond treatment. This death panel deliberately ran out the clock on little Charlie’s life — even forbidding him to die in dignity in his own never-been-used crib.

Moving the legislation through is only one-half of the equation. The other half is getting the message out.

There’s a powerful way to do that that nobody can ignore. This is where Trump’s Twitter account can pound the hell out of the Dems.

Each day, Trump could pick one state. And one official from that state.

Put up the stats of the damage that Obamacare did to that voting district. Then-and-now numbers. Describe how many Insurance companies have been lost.

Show how many counties don’t have ANY insurance providers.

Explain what the % jump in costs have been in that State before and after Obamacare.

And put the picture of — this is important — the name and FACE of the Democrat (or Rogue Republican) that is willing to stand by and protect Obamacare (yes, we’re looking at you, McCain).

Don’t TELL them that Obamacare was a disaster. SHOW them. PERSONALIZE it. Individual hard-luck stories of Obamacare train wrecks.

Put Individual Democrats who are soon seeing election under the spotlight.

Meanwhile, hammer out the legislation we actually DO want to go forward with. And pass it.

While you’re at it, make it plain that Senate isn’t going anywhere until ALL the governmental appointments have been filled.

We might even want to bring back that “DO YOUR JOB” chant, and shame Democrats with it.

Think it could work? Because the Status quo isn’t working.

Maybe you have a better idea. Drop it in the comments and forward it to the Republicans we have elected.

Share if losing an election should mean you don’t get to call the shots.