Grave Diggers: Leftist Vigilantes Start To Dig Up Remains Of Confederate General

Written by K. Walker on August 17, 2017

Do Lefties have a ‘bucket list’ of the most horrible sorts of crimes they’re working on?
Because this is beyond gross.

Ever wonder how dehumanizing the Left’s ideology REALLY is?

They have managed to morph into a Secular Inquisition.

Not only are they destroying the ‘images’ of any ideology that conflicts with ‘Intersectional Feminist’ Orthodoxy and marching to denounce the ‘heretics’ who refuse to bow the knee to their doctrines… that was bad enough.

Now they’re pushing the envelope.

Just like Wycliffe was ordered to be exhumed after his death so that his body could be burned, and his ashes scattered in the river for his ‘sins’, the Secular Inquisition is dishonoring the graves of people THEY accuse of damnable sins.

Strangely, Margaret Sanger isn’t on their list, despite her very real sins against Black people. She argued for Eugenics to destroy the ‘unfit’ black and poor.

No, Secular Inquisitors are digging up Confederates.

A group of protesters who want the body of an alleged Ku Klux Klan leader removed from their city have broken the soil over the grave.

The campaigners claim it has taken officials in Memphis, Tennessee, too long to exhume Nathan Bedford Forrest — who was a lieutenant general in the Confederate States Army. …

Members of the protest group, who call themselves the Commission on Religion and Racism, removed only a small patch of grass from the park, but threatened to return with heavy machinery to tear down the wartime symbol.

Not only is the desecration of graves ILLEGAL, it is near the top of humanity’s more ghoulish and immoral sins, whoever the body is.

Nolte reminds us about the man’s own public speech about race relations:

I will say to you and to the colored race that men who bore arms and followed the flag of the Confederacy are, with very few exceptions, your friends. I have an opportunity of saying what I have always felt – that I am your friend, for my interests are your interests, and your interests are my interests. We were born on the same soil, breathe the same air, and live in the same land. Why, then, can we not live as brothers?

I will say that when the war broke out I felt it my duty to stand by my people. When the time came I did the best I could, and I don’t believe I flickered. I came here with the jeers of some white people, who think that I am doing wrong. I believe that I can exert some influence, and do much to assist the people in strengthening fraternal relations, and shall do all in my power to bring about peace. It has always been my motto to elevate every man- to depress none. (Applause.) I want to elevate you to take positions in law offices, in stores, on farms, and wherever you are capable of going. –DailyMail

There is one other little uncomfortable detail.

Depending on your reading of the Act of Congress in 1958, (it is contested) which makes the widows of Confederate servicemen in all branches eligible to receive pensions, it might be argued that they’re also disturbing the grave of a American Veteran.

But what do they care?

They are interested in neither truth nor honor. Only rage.

In his farewell speech to those under his command, he was also gracious.

I have never, on the field of battle, sent you where I was unwilling to go myself; nor would I now advise you to a course which I felt myself unwilling to pursue. You have been good soldiers, you can be good citizens. Obey the laws, preserve your honor, and the Government to which you have surrendered can afford to be, and will be, magnanimous. —Wiki

Ironically, in that very quote, the man whose grave they are disturbing has a better sense of what it means to be a good citizen than they do.

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