Here’s What CNN Won’t Tell You About Trump’s Approval Ratings And It’s A Butt-Kicker

Written by K. Walker on August 28, 2017

Under the heading ‘Fake News’, you’ll find the Media (D) reports about President Trump’s approval ratings.

Newt Gingrich published an Opinion piece on Fox News and it put the President’s approval rating numbers in perspective.

Anytime the Media (D) reports on President Trump, they giddily announce that his approval rating is in the toilet.

They will breathlessly tell you that, ‘no one has ever had numbers this low at this point in the Presidency‘.

(Note the keywords, there — ‘at this point’. Meaning, at another point it was lower, but not at this specific point.)

Gingrich is calling B.S. on these Media (D) claims.

He presents his case here:

First, President Reagan had a similar period during his first term when his approval rating fell to 35 percent — even lower than President Trump’s. Reagan bounced back, carried 49 states in a landslide reelection, and went on to oversee an economic boom and change world history by pushing the Soviet Union into collapse.

Presidential approval ratings at a fixed point in time don’t necessarily determine presidential success, says Gingrich.

Perhaps the Media (D)’s fascination with Antifa and their anti-capitalism is why they want to ensure that the prevailing narrative is that the country is split 60-40 with those that support the President in the minority.

That’s just not the case.

Second, in addition to failing to contextualize President Trump’s approval ratings in history, the elite media is ignoring the present. Look, for example, at the radically different way it has treated President Trump and President Emmanuel Macron of France…

…Unfortunately for the elite media, the Macron myth has not aged well. As voters came to know him, they were put off by his icy, imperialist aloofness. As they came to understand his proposed reforms, they decided they opposed them.

Macron was at 64 percent approval in June. Now, less than two months later, he has fallen to 36 percent….BELOW TRUMP.


You don’t hear that in the Media (D).

And it’s not just Mr. Makeup.

For example, British Prime Minister Theresa May earned a 34 percent satisfaction rate, Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe had a July approval rating of 34.2 percent, and the Democratic Party in the United States received 38 percent approval in June.

All of these approval ratings are lower than President Trump’s – but you don’t see the elite media fighting to break that news story.
Source: Fox News Opinion

Perhaps if they would do their job and report the news instead of trying to shape it we’d trust them.

But that’s not what they do.


It’s a matter of spin and contort to make the narrative fit.

And to them, the ‘sane’ people oppose the President, and the racists support him.

Isn’t it funny, though, how it’s their side will bludgeon people with ‘no hate’ signs and on our side we Bruce/Caitlyn Jenner trying to be an ambassador for the transgender community?

President Trump is right, the ‘Fake News Media’ really is ‘the enemy of the American people’.

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