Hey Hillary: Look What The Folks You Deemed ‘Deplorable’ Are Doing Down In Houston

Published on August 31, 2017

Socialist utopias give you bread lines. Places like Texas have lines of a very DIFFERENT kind. We couldn’t be more proud!

These are the cold-hearted ‘Nazis’ the Left keeps telling us about.

Long lines are forming in Houston. Not people looking for handouts. Or food. Or shelter.

Long lines are forming… full of people who want to help.


People with a sense of community.

People who aren’t looking to the almighty hand of government.

People who could look down and see they had two hands right there in front of them.

And that’s what America used to be all about.

Some of us still remember.

People are coming together from all sorts of places and directions to help out.

Big business is chipping in… sure.

But so are the smaller ones.

Another wrote: “I’m gonna keep beating this Houston drum because this city has a heart as big as the whole State. She won’t forget who helped her.”

Other acts of kindness to emerge following the storm, include Mexican bakers trapped for two days making hundreds of bread loaves for Harvey victims. — Telegraph

Here’s one of this editor’s favorite stories:

Or this one about imminent danger inspiring people to do things far beyond what they might normally do. (Fantastic cooperation!)

What we like about these stories is not that it made them capable of new acts of charity.

It doesn’t. We’ve seen plenty of the negative stuff, like looting, too.

What we like best about these stories is how it brings out what is REALLY on the inside.

Everything Antifa stands for has an opposite. But it isn’t the KKK — those hateful groups are more alike than the media would have us believe. The REAL opposite of Antifa is seen in the folks that formed that human chain. Those people really ARE compassionate heroes that value the life of a stranger, simply because it’s a life.

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