ISIS Clown Threatens ‘Pharaoh’ Trump – What Size Missile Should Donald Send Up His Tailpipe?

Written by K. Walker on August 3, 2017

This dude is about as dumb as a sack of hammers. And he has a real problem understanding history.

But then, he joined ISIS, a terror group that doesn’t try to win friends and influence people, they just murder ‘infidels’ indiscriminately — by blowing themselves up in crowded places. Men, women, children, it doesn’t matter.

It’s unlikely that he’s also a member of MENSA.

Besides, he’s calling President Trump ‘Pharaoh’.

Which is kinda weird.

A Somalian militant affiliated to the Isis terror group is believed to have sent a warning message to US President Donald Trump. Referring to the head of state as the “new pharaoh”, the Isis fighter explained the group’s expansionist aims, suggesting fighters were ready to conquer “Constantinople [and] Rome”.

“You might have your eyes on Raqqah [and] Mosul, but we have our eyes on Constantinople [and] Rome”, the militant said, according to the the SITE Intelligence group, a non-governmental counterterrorism organization.

Constantinople, really?

Where has that dude been, under a rock somewhere? Does he not know the song?

On second thought, maybe he does live under a rock — he fights for ISIS and wants to turn back the clock to the 1400s.

Speaking of those glory days of Islam in the 1400s…

Does he not know that the reason it’s Istanbul now is because the Christians didn’t wipe out Islamists hundreds of years ago during the Crusades when they invaded Constantinople — even turning the great Eastern Orthodox Cathedral, the Hagia Sophia, into a mosque?

Rome and Constantinople.

Those are the historical seats of the Catholic and Eastern Orthodox Christian churches. But it’s not a ‘holy’ war, right?

So, who is it that’s bringing up the Crusades, again?

To Islamists, the Crusades have never ended — because there are still Christians.

ISIS claimed that Salman Abedi attacked a ‘gathering of Crusaders’ — you remember the fanatical, militant, Christian teens that attended the Ariana Grande in Manchester and lost their lives?

The heart of what this blockhead is saying is that ISIS militants will move to new areas and attack in Western cities.

“The implication [of the Somalian fighter’s message] is that Europe will suffer the consequences of the displacement of Isis from its strong holds of Raqqa and Mosul by the US coalition under Trump,” counterterrorism expert David Otto told IBTimes UK.

He added that threatening to target Rome could be just a distraction tactic and not the real target. “For the purpose of caution and safety measures , this is a clear warning sign to all European States including the UK, France, Belgium and Germany that an attack is imminent,” Otto explained.

The plan is to infiltrate the West and carry out terror attacks.

Like what we recently saw in England during Ramadan.

Anyone find it weird that now that Ramadan is over the weekly terror attacks stopped?

It’s probably nothing.

So, Dems… about that temporary Travel ban… that includes Somalia, by the way…

Doesn’t seem like such a bad idea now, does it?

Somalia has been ravaged by a violent insurgency at the hands of Al-Shabaab, a militant group affiliated to al-Qaeda. The militants, however, have been urged by Isis to join their struggle in recent years.

In October 2015, a Shabaab commander and recruiter based in the semi-autonomous region of Puntland – British citizen Abdul Qadir Mumin – pledged alliance to Isis. Last year, the Isis-affiliated group tried to seize the town of Qandala, in Puntland, only to be driven out by Somalian forces a few days later.

Isis-linked militants carried out their first suicide attack in May, when at least five people died in a suicide bombing at a checkpoint in the northeastern port city of Bosaso, in Puntland.
Source: International Business Times

Note that this guy has a bit of a British accent:

Former Al-Shabaab militants are now joining ISIS.

Looks like Obama’s ‘JV team’ went ‘Pro’ a while back.

And they have ‘lone wolves’ everywhere.

If only someone could’ve seen that coming.

But this is the reality we have now.

Gee, Thanks, Obama!

No worries.

President Trump will clean up this mess.

The question is, what caliber will his response be?

Let us know what you think in the comments.

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