Lady Decides She’s Going To Shoot A Cop – Cop Lets The Air Out Of That Idea

Published on August 28, 2017

The cop thought he was responding to a crashed car situation.
But a bystander warned him she had a gun.

It should have been a routine traffic stop.

There was nothing at all routine about it.

When he arrived on scene the lady had a gun in her hand. And a willingness to use it.

Authorities in North Carolina released police dash cam footage showing two officers fatally shooting an armed woman who initially fired her gun at them last month.
The video is a recording of an incident that took place on Interstate 40 on the morning of July 8 near Newton Grove, North Carolina.
In the footage, an officer pulls over off the highway where he sees a woman, 50-year-old Tina Renee Medlin, lying face down on the grass in front of a crashed vehicle. –DailyMail

She was given a chance to avoid the confrontation. But she didn’t take it.

When the officer demands that Medlin show her hands, she hesitates.
Medlin is seen in the video getting on her feet with one of her hands concealed. Moments later, she flashes her gun and starts shooting. –DailyMail

She was rushed to the hospital, but she did not survive her wounds.

Keep situations like this in mind the next time someone rushes to judgment about what they think they know about ‘trigger-happy’ police.

It totally changes the conversation.

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