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This Is The Left: Leftists Curse Black Cops And Throw Urine At Others — Aren’t They Winsome?

How offensive does the militant Left need to get before the Media (D) stop defending them?

There was no media outrage over the radical Left weaponizing the riots in Portland.

Feces bombs?

Chucking Bricks?

Why should those be newsworthy?

The chief’s letter says police decided to remove left-wing protesters from Chapman Square after officers were hit by objects launched by protesters from slingshots.

“These objects included urine and feces filled balloons, balloons with unknown chemicals, marbles, bricks and rocks,” Marshman writes. “Police observed people in Chapman Square climbing atop the brick restroom structure at the south end of the park, with bricks. PPB knew that objects were already being thrown and slung and that bricks were being prepared to be thrown.”

(WW reporters on the scene confirmed the use of slingshots, and also saw protesters toss red-stained tampons at police. Our reporters did not see bricks thrown.)

Marshman sent the mayor’s office photos of weapons seized—mostly hammers, scissors, other small tools and bricks—along with a picture of an officer’s bruises sustained while he was wearing riot gear, which Marshman calls “personal protective equipment,” or PPE. — Source: Willamette Week

Tampons, too.


Did you really expect the events in Boston would be less agitated, or more mature?

Their violence is getting them the results they want. The OTHER side is demonized, and they’re laughing all the way to the bank. (Perhaps literally, if reports about these Proster groups being populated by hired Craigslist rent-a-mobs prove true.)

“B***H You’re supposed to be on our side.”

Looks like she flunked out of that Dale Carnegie course.

Here are the tweets from the Boston Police Department:

Please don’t throw pee at us…

Refrain from throwing urine?


Are we really sinking this low?

If this is our model for civic action…

If this is our model for civic action…


…something has gone terribly, terribly wrong.

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