Yo, AltLeft Cuckoo Birds: When Are You Going To Protest KFC’s Colonel Sanders?

His image is everywhere, and there are statues of him all over the United States.

We’ve been told that ‘Now it’s time’.

It was ‘time’ for Hillary to become the first woman President.

It was ‘time’ for transgender bathrooms.

It is now ‘time’ for the removal of Confederate statues that have been sitting there for decades — even through the 8 years of President Obama ushering in a ‘post-racial era’.

There was no urgency in removing them before now.

But those on the AltLeft are losing hope — trying to overturn the Electoral College vote didn’t work, Russian collusion was B.S., President Trump’s tough talk with North Korea has Kim Jong-Un backing down on his rhetoric, so we’re not heading for nuclear war as the pundits feared.

They’re desperate, and what’s the last thing they’ll do?

Same as the first thing: Scream Racism in a crowded room.

Really, these guys are just one-trick ponies.

They’ve called everyone that supports the President as ‘racist’ and in some cases ‘white supremacists’.

The founder of the Daily Kos has said that American Conservatives and NRA members are the same as Nazis:

How long before they go after Colonel Sanders and demand all of his statues be taken down?

After all, he is from the south.

What more evidence of hate do you need?

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