The Left Loves Saying, ‘Jihadists Are Mentally Ill’ – Expert Blows That BS To Bits

Published on August 13, 2017

Leftists use ‘crazy’ as a dodge for thorny ethical questions about jihadis. Here’s why they shouldn’t.

An article on Germanys ‘Spiegel Online’ looking into the life of one young ‘asylum seeker’ described the ‘growing trend’ of ‘mental illness’ among refugees.

What were the symptoms?

Dude stopped toking and drinking, and started going to the mosque. Talked about religion a lot. Banged on doors in the middle of the night and shouted ‘Allahu Ackbar’.

This was described as ‘crazy, out of it, strange’.

It was that guy who started stabbing strangers in a supermarket.

Yeah, the diagnosis for that ‘illness’ is that he’s become a Jihadi.

Here’s a nickel, Germany, go buy yourself a clue.

Robert Spencer went through a list of people who had been described as having ‘mental disorders’ who had acted on jihadi doctrine:

A Muslim arrested in 2016, planning to attack cops and tourists? Schizophrenic.

In March — a German cyclist was attacked. Skull bashed with a hammer. ‘Mental illness’.

Hack 9 people with an axe? Mentally ill.

Stab six people in London, one fatally? Mentally ill.

Enter a police station in France, stab a female cop in the throat? Mentally ill.

Stab a Jewish woman in Paris to death while screaming ‘Allahu Ackbar’? Mentally ill.

What do they propose, if Islamic Jihadi is actually mentally ill?

Are they suggesting that reading the Koran, and taking it seriously will provoke mental illness?

Wouldn’t that necessitate outlawing the Koran?

Isn’t it easier to admit that some evil bastards — whether correctly or incorrectly, that’s a different debate — believe that their Prophet has instructed that their God likes it when people kill Kafir (infidels) in his name.

Instead of trying to dismiss them as ‘crazy’, can’t we just own up to the fact that these slobs are objectively evil, and deserved to be held in contempt as people who are objectively evil?

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