Have Leftists Forgotten This Preschool Lesson?

Written by Greg Hopkins on August 23, 2017

We learned it from our parents before kindergarten: “keep your hands to yourself”, and, don’t mess with other people’s stuff!” Today, though, the so-called “anti-fascists”, who are ACTUAL Fascists, have not learned those lessons. In the name of imposing their totalitarian views on others, they see fit to tear down monuments without permission that the public put up and they don’t own. To them, it’s okay to “punch a Nazi” (who is anyone who doesn’t agree with them) and destroy others’ possessions. “Do not plot harm against your neighbor who lives trustfully near you. Do not accuse a man for no reason when he has done you no harm.” Prov. 3:29-30.

These brainwashed, brain-dead, self-righteous, violent, “Anti-Fascists”, know neither history nor what human decency is. They wish to impose a totalitarian state on the US. They are dedicated to the destruction of America, its founders, and its Constitution. Psalm 11:3 asks, “If the foundations are destroyed, what can the righteous do?” The Anti-Fascists are out to destroy our Country’s very foundations in the name of political correctness.

They falsely claim that a Confederate monument glorifies slavery and reminds “somebody” (who was never a slave) of racial discrimination, then elect themselves as the Hammer of Justice “for all the offended somebodies”, without a vote or local government permission. Believing that their selective hindsight makes them smarter and more sensitive than others, they aim to right “wrongs” that have been steadily righted by laws and public opinion over the last sixty years. “Evil men do not understand justice, but those who seek the Lord understand it fully.” Prov. 28:5. “A corrupt witness mocks at justice, and the mouth of the wicked gulps down evil.” Prov. 19:28.

To be sure, I don’t like Nazi’s and the KKK either, but arguing over whether they or Anti-Fascists are better is like trying to choose the clean side of a turd! Face it, the Nazis and KKK are marginalized in America and not a threat. NOBODY believes they are right about anything. Not ONE politician stands up for what they stand for! They have ZERO popular support, and all of them in one place couldn’t fill a high school football stadium! WHEN was the last time you heard of either group harming anyone that wasn’t threating them at one of their rallies?

Whereas the Anti-Fascists are constantly blocking traffic, vandalizing stores, beating people, and threatening violence if any group they disapprove of plans to show up in public. WHO are the real Nazis here? As I’ve said before, Communism (Anti-Fascists and BLM) and Fascists are just two sides of the same totalitarian coin. Read, Liberal Fascism, by Jonah Goldberg.

Who are the Anti-Fascists’ supporters? The Democrat Party, which is now the American Socialist Party. Has Schumer, Pelosi, or ANY Democrat EVER condemned a single violent act or word by Antifa or BLM? NO! In fact, after both the Ferguson and Baltimore riots, Obama had BLM to the White House to praise them! The Democrats dress the Anti-Fascists in sheep’s clothing, but they are really Commie wolves. See what Peter says about false teachers and their tactics in 2 Pe. 2:1-22.
They want to destroy our past in order to build their own socialist utopia. “Who controls the past controls the future. Who controls the present controls the past.” George Orwell, 1984. The Dems and their Commie allies in academia have been trying to alter and steal America’s history at every grade level through grad school for seventy years by controlling college faculties and the federal Dept. of Education. The ignorant, self-righteous Anti-Fascists are the products of their subversion of learning. They don’t want people to know that while slaveholders held all the political power in the South during the Civil War, they made up only a tiny part of its population.

The vast majority of Confederates were convinced that they fought for the same principles of Constitutional freedom that their Revolutionary forefathers fought for. The Anti-Fascists will not just get rid of Confederate monuments and stop. They started changing our language with “political correctness” long ago, knowing that “he who controls the language controls the argument.” So now we are “forbidden” to discuss adult subjects in adult terms. They won’t stop with language and monuments; these are TOTALITARIANS we’re dealing with! “The tongue of the wise commends knowledge, but the mouth of the fool gushes folly.” Prov. 15:2.
In fact, the Left wants to use slavery as a wedge to purge America of all its foundations. If Confederate slaveholders are bad, how about Washington, Jefferson, and other Founders who held slaves? Shouldn’t we tear down their monuments in DC? Already some are saying Mt. Rushmore should be destroyed. Monticello and Mt. Vernon, slave plantations, should be torched as well! You think these people are kidding? Then you haven’t read what Communists and Nazis do to erase the past when they take control. Remember, they are two sides of the SAME coin!

Now they’ve started, what about erasing the other Founders? After all, they wrote a Constitution that KEPT slavery! Anti-Fascists’ place modern self-righteousness over their old values, we should take the Founders from the history books and melt their statues. What about Andrew Jackson, slaveholder and remover of the Cherokee? (And Democrat.) What about Lincoln? He once thought that blacks were intellectually inferior to whites and even proposed that freed slaves be sent back to Africa. His Emancipation Proclamation was a cynical political ploy which didn’t free a single slave in the unoccupied South, but kept those in slavery who were in border states still in the Union! His busts were burned in Chicago over last weekend. The Anti-Fascists must think that’s a good start.

Woodrow Wilson was a racist who hosted the premier of D.W. Griffith’s racist Birth of a Nation at the White House, persecuted women suffragettes, and refused to integrate the military in WWI. FDR likewise refused to integrate the military in WWII, put 100,000 Japanese-Americans in concentration camps, and used his National Recovery Act to exclude blacks from the New Deal. Black newspapers called the NRA “The Negro Runaround”, “The Negro Removal Act”, and “Negroes Robbed Again.” So let’s tear down FDR’s statues and burn Hyde Park! Finally, Lyndon Johnson, (who hated MLK) celebrated the passage of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 by saying, ‘This will have those Ni—rs voting for us for the next 200 years!” Get rid of his memory!

Next the Anti-Fascists can come after Christians.” Let’s burn the Bible! It supports slavery!” After all, the Greek term “iconoclasts” (image breakers) was coined to describe Christians’ destruction of pagan temples after Constantine made Christianity the official religion of the Roman Empire. Calvinists and Lutherans destroyed Catholic statues and art during the wars of the Reformation. Back then, too, EVERYBODY believed in slavery, so we might as well destroy the works of Rembrandt, Holbein, Durer, and Michelangelo while we’re at it! The Anti-Fascists aren’t kidding here. The Nazis destroyed monuments and art that they considered “anti-German”. The Third Reich in Power, pp. 164-186, Evans, (Penguin Press, 2005). Lenin and Stalin closed and burned churches, stole or destroyed their art, and wiped out any vestige of the Czars. Mao’s Red Guards killed twenty-million countrymen during the Cultural Revolution to erase China’s past.

Mark my words, the next step of the Anti-Fascists will be book-burning, as the Nazis and Communists did. The German playwright, Heinrich Heine said, “Those who burn books today, will at some point burn people as well.” With groups whose motto is “Punch a Nazi”, and, “Pigs in a blanket (body bags) burn ‘em up!”, can killing people be far behind that? Nazi and Communist governments murdered 100 million of their own citizens in the 20th century. Their philosophies are advocated and acted out by Democrats (by their failure to condemn violence), BLM, and Antifa Anti-Fascists. It starts with statues, it ends destroying lives. Through vigorous law enforcement, tough sentencing from courts, and the educated, widespread, disapproval of political violence, we can stop this scourge, but we must be united in faith, hope and love. Colossians 3:1-17.

Oh, and start by keeping your hands to yourself!

photo credit: Excerpted: lacygentlywaftingcurtains POV via photopin (license)

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Greg Hopkins
Greg Hopkins is a recovering lawyer, city prosecutor, police Use-of-Force law instructor, former city judge in two towns and criminal defense lawyer. He’s been teaching the Bible to teens and adults for 40 years. He now trains CCP holders and armed church security teams in self defense law. He also does expert witnessing in firearms and self defense cases. His book is A Time To Kill: The Myth of Christian Pacifism, on the Bible and Self Defense.